How we can help you

1: Design

We start by creating a 3D drawing of the product. By making a detailed design drawing on the computer, we can test both durability and function. The designs focus on water hydraulics, but the customer’s requirements will of course determine the solutions that we choose.

2: Ordering

Once we have a finished 3D drawing of your new hydraulic plant, we place an order with the manufacturer of the parts. These come to our workshop in Borlänge, Dalarna, where our knowledgeable staff are waiting.

3: Assembly

The parts are assembled according to the 3D drawing that we produced in the first step. It is important that all the measurements here are correct. This step is made easy, thanks to our accuracy and experience during the design phase.

4: Installation

Once we have assembled your hydraulic system, we transport it to the power plant where it will be installed. It requires finesse to handle hydraulic cylinders weighing several tonnes. Thanks to our technically skilled and experienced, hard-working staff, the system arrives on site routinely and according to the correct procedures.

5: Documentation

Your new plant is now ready to go live. We compile documentation tailored to your specific plant that shows your technicians how everything must be checked. The focus is on safety, which is why we always strive to ensure that the plant is as easy to handle as possible.

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