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The company

Mobin – a hydraulics company based in Borlänge

Mobin Hydraulic AB was founded in 1990 in Borlänge. This hydraulics company specializes in systems for opening and closing sluice gates. We take overall responsibility for construction and installation.

From 3D sketch to construction, fast and easy

Mobin has a well-established approach where we, from customer orders, go from a 3D sketch in CAD to a real product. We create an image of the design so that the product, as quickly as possible, can be assembled.

Our designers work closely with the fitters to be able to provide quick feedback on questions or changes that may arise during production. We have noticed that this way of working minimizes all mistakes and errors that can occur.

Another advantage of the working method is that the workflow is constant, and not interrupted. This allows us to deliver on time. In addition, the designer and fitter get a personal relationship with good communication, which we have noticed is of great importance.

Hydraulic systems – who are the customers?

Today, we supply hydraulic systems to the largest power companies in Sweden. Since the year 2000, we cooperate directly with the customer. We can offer our services within parts of your business or take full responsibility for rebuilding / renovating the hydraulics.

Why you should choose Mobin

Our various parts of the business are based on you as a customer and we have, in addition to our solid competencies in hydraulics, also a long experience of winch huts, sluice gates and special constructions. This broad understanding of facilities means that we can take overall responsibility and that you as a customer can always be sure of getting the job done in the best way.


Hydraulic system

– Construction of new hydraulic cylinders
– Renovation of hydraulic cylinders
– Construction of a new hydraulic unit
– Renovation of hydraulic units

Turbine control

– Hydraulic system for controlling turbine control

– Portable hydraulic systems

– Spare parts

– Directional valves
-Load holding valves


It is our conviction that caring for the environment and our ecological system is a long-term survival issue for humanity. The cyclic philosophy, that what is extracted from nature should be used, reused, recycled and taken care of without harming nature.

Water instead of oil

Mobin Hydraulic constantly wants to develop and move technology forward. In recent years, we have specialized in water hydraulics. We have developed a design that works, and that our customers are very happy with.

We have taken the problems that have previously occurred with other suppliers, solved them and developed a system that works flawlessly.

Since the power plants are located in an environment where oil and oil spills are best avoided, water-based hydraulics is the perfect choice.